Shepherds Conference 2024 is almost here. Take a look back at the top 10 most-played sermons from last year’s conference.

1. "General Session 11: The Day of the Lord's Return" by John MacArthur 

When the Lord Jesus comes, He will restore Edenic paradise. He will fully vanquish His enemies, He will save the remnant of Israel and the nations, and He will establish His kingdom on earth. He will rule from Jerusalem, His saints will rule with Him, and all the world will worship Him. Every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess His glory.

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2. "General Session 1: The Election of the Remnant" by Steven Lawson

Before the foundation of the world, God chose a small portion—a remnant—of the world's population to be His people. This remnant is who we are, and it is who God has entrusted to our care for shepherding. 

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3. "Christian Nationalism" by Jesse Johnson

The government was established by God to fulfill a specific set of purposes. When the government abandons those purposes, we must call them out—not because we're building a Christian nation, but because we recognize immorality as immorality. We have the Word of God, and we are called to proclaim it. 

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4. "Knot Ready" by Brian Biedebach

When we talk about marriage, believers must have a clear understanding of what it is founded on, what it is designed for, and what it is meant to look like. In a society driven by sensuality, we must pursue a biblical framework for navigating dating and marriage.

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5. "The Spiritual Deception of Wokeness" by Darrell Harrison

As wokeness is increasingly embraced and affirmed within the evangelical church, often with the willing cooperation and facilitation of its leaders, it's crucial for us to consider the effects of such ideological accommodation. 

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6. "Are You Called to Preach?" by Austin Duncan

As the Great Commission is every believer's life work, every believer is called to preach the gospel. But how should a man discern the distinctive desire to devote himself to serving God's people in the role of pastor, shepherd, and overseer? 

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7. "Pursuing Unity on Triunity" by Mike Riccardi

There needs to be unity among Christians on the doctrine of the Trinity. The debates over which so many within reformed evangelicalism are so divided cannot be things that we are divided over because though they are complex, difficult, and mysterious, each of these matters relates fundamentally to the fundamental doctrine of Christianity itself.

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8. "General Session 2: The Grace of the Remnant" by Austin Duncan

The preservation of the remnant is solely a product of God’s grace. God’s people will be preserved despite sin’s societal decay and Satan’s devices. Christ will accomplish all His good purposes. You can bank on these promises because God saved Judah by His grace all those years ago, and God will always preserve that remnant.  

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9. "The War Within" by Brad Klassen

The mind is the domain of beliefs, convictions, and affections. For the believer, the mind is ultimately a stage of worship. Our challenge is to make every thought subservient to Christ, so that in thinking of God, of ourselves, and of the world around us, we may clearly reflect the reality that Christ is Lord.

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10. "General Session 10: The Strengthening of the Remnant" Conrad Mbewe

As we look at the promises of God, we see the people that He has preserved. These are the ones that are precious to the Lord, and it is our privilege and responsibility as pastors, elders, and church leaders to strengthen and encourage them.

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