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Preach the Gospel, Use Soap if Necessary

From the “Hall of Faith” of Hebrews 11, to those we desire to emulate in our era, we all have a spiritual legacy from which we can draw confidence in God’s faithfulness. We can look back on the example set for us by men like David Jones to preach the gospel, use soap if necessary. Read Article>



“Is My Baby In Heaven?” Why I Believe God’s Word Assures Us We Can Say, “Yes.”

God does not want us to be agnostics on the eternal destiny of babies. Shouldn't we expect that He would give us an answer to something that affects so many? I believe that God is clear in Scripture that He welcomes into heaven each baby who dies, born or unborn. Read Article>



Stubborn Love: Reflecting the Gospel by Keeping Your Marriage Covenant

Jesus will never leave His bride. Yet, He does more than provide a supreme example of stubborn love for His bride. Part of the good news of the gospel is that believers are given the power to act righteously. Because of Christ's death and resurrection, we can lean into Jesus today to give us the strength to follow Him in giving His kind of covenant love to our spouse. Read Article>



7 Reasons Your Church Should Take Eschatology Seriously

It is concerning that some churches don't take eschatology seriously. Not only should we be interested in prophetic events to come, we are also looking for our Savior, with whom we will spend eternity. Read Article> 



How Can I Know if I'm Saved?

Many well-intentioned believers are often left wondering, "how can I know if I'm saved?" Although assurance of salvation is available to every believer, it is not promised. It is a complex issue and it is often absent in the Christian’s life. Read Article>



What Ever Happened to Evangelism?

The hard work of gospel proclamation has taken a back seat in evangelicalism today. We are in the midst of a mission drift, a digression toward greater emphasis on temporal social issues. But if you believe that the church possesses a gospel which is the only hope for the eternal salvation of souls, you must agree that it is the most important cause we could engage in. Read Article>



How to Listen to an Expository Sermon

The reason we are inattentive listeners is that while many preachers spend years honing the craft of sermon preparation, even attending years of post-graduate schooling, the average congregant has never been taught how to listen to an expository sermon. Read Article> 



The Wretched Art of Loveless Discernment

We must wield discernment like a surgeon’s scalpel. As we contend for right doctrine, we must take care to adorn it with right attitudes and behavior. We must discern with precision, humility, and sorrow. Not to temper the truth, but rather that we might bolster the truth with love. Read Article>

The Horrors and the Habitat of Hell: Some Details You May Not Have Considered

In recent years, the concept of Hell has come under fire. Passages on Hell are being reinterpreted to make them less offensive. But Scripture teaches that Hell couldn’t be more real and gives great detail about the horrors of this habitat of certain torment. Read Article>



6 Ways You Can Put God's Glory on Display

Glorifying God is not a memorized mantra of special words or phrases. Like a city built on a hill or a lamp set on a lampstand, glorifying God entails letting the light of God’s attributes shine before men so that others will join with us in glorifying our Father in heaven. Read Article>