Shepherds Conference 2023 is almost here. Take a look back at the top 10 most played sermons from last year’s conference.

1. "Unequally Yoked" by John MacArthur 

Believers have different behavior than unbelievers because we have a different nature and live by a different power. We live by faith, unbelievers live by sight. Our identity is different. The Bible reminds us that our identity is as the temple of God, and the temple of God is not meant to be making alliances with enemies of God.

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2. "Gospel Clarity" by Voddie Baucham

There is nothing we need more than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has the power to transform sinners and make them righteous. It is able to aid us in every circumstance we face. It is sufficient to accomplish what God has promised to do in His church. 

As the Gospel transforms individuals, it transforms their families, communities, and nations. We must have full confidence in this Gospel. We must be rooted and grounded in this Gospel. We must preach this Gospel.

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3. "Living and Dying Unashamed" by Paul Washer

Men who are transformed by the Gospel preach the Gospel. When we know the love of God, we can live for Him. We can study, labor, pray, obey, preach, and suffer and not be ashamed, in life or in death. 

Knowing God’s love and knowing how immense He is, we can press onward unashamed because He has done it all. 

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4. "Spiritual Transformation" by John MacArthur

Salvation is a transformation. It involves God taking a heart of stone and turning it into a heart of flesh. In this transformation, God totally renews the inner person. He gives a new heart, new affections, a new law, and a new love. Salvation takes a person from being futile in mind, darkened in understanding, hard-hearted, impure and excluded from the life of God (Eph 4:17-19), and it makes them righteous and holy. 

True worshippers are those who have been transformed by God’s sovereign power through salvation. They love the Lord with all of their being and they obey Him to the best of their ability.

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5. "Q&A with John MacArthur" Moderated by Austin Duncan

Pastor John's answers to pertinent questions.

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6. "Fault Lines: Critical Race Theory" by Voddie Baucham

God demands justice. As those who follow the Lord Jesus Christ, we're committed to justice. Biblically defined, justice means the righteous application of the law of God. All our efforts toward seeking justice and righteousness must center around the standards God has defined in His word, not those set by society.

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7. "Q&A on the LSB Translation"

With John MacArthur, Abner Chou, Joe Zhakevich, Will Varner, Paul Twiss, Mark Zhakevich, and Jason Beals

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8. "A Message for the Mistreated" by H.B. Charles Jr.

We praise a sovereign God in salvation, and we praise the same sovereign God in the midst of suffering. He is the God who makes all things work together for the good of His children. He has complete authority. What Christians endure in this life is not random, accidental, or haphazard. The worst circumstance is a part of the holy vocation of the child of God. 

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9. "Power" by Paul Twiss

How do you lead your people in the call to take up their cross and follow after Christ in the way of discipleship? You preach the doctrines of the gospel, not least Christ’s exaltation. Reflecting on the power of God strengthens our relationship with Him.

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10. "Triune Salvation: Why the Unity of the Trinity Demands a Definite Atonement"

The Gospel is essentially and fundamentally Trinitarian because the God who saves is Trinitarian, and all that God does is grounded in who He is. All of God’s saving acts are rooted in His Triune being. The Father plans and sends the Son; the Son comes and lives and dies and rises again to atone for sins; and the Spirit renews and regenerates and applies what the Father has planned and the Son has accomplished. Salvation is Trinitarian!

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