From a collection of prayers from the early church, to an exposition of Ecclesiastes, to a meditation on the glory of our Savior, here are ten books you should gift this Christmas—as recommended by our faculty and staff.


Enjoy Your Prayer Life

Enjoy Your Prayer Life by Michael Reeves

"Reeves gives a very encouraging and helpful explanation of what prayer is. He shows our prayer life does not need to be a burden, but can be enjoyed. This book is a short and easy read that’s worth returning to often." Purchase Now >>

— Paul Twiss, Associate Professor of New Testament




The Forgotten Spurgeon by Ian H. Murray

"This book recounts the several controversies that Spurgeon faced in his long and influential ministry. Spurgeon's stand against error and apostasy (The Down-Grade Controversy) in his day has lessons for the true church and her shepherds in every age—including the twenty-first century. 'Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall' (1 Corinthians 10:12)." Purchase Now >

— Nathan Busenitz, Executive Vice President


Fount of Heaven

Fount of Heaven Edited by Robert Elmer

"The second in a series of curated prayers from church history. While Piercing Heaven (Lexham Press, 2019) compiled prayers of the Puritans, Fount of Heaven collects prayers from members of the early church, including Polycarp, Irenaeus, the Cappadocians, Augustine, and others. The content of their prayers gives a window into the particular truths that they fought to defend and demonstrates the beauty of the thinking and worship that overflowed from that fight." Purchase Now >

— Joey Mejia, Chief of Marketing 


Glory Of Christ

The Glory of Christ by John Owen

"In the latter days of John Owen's life, he devoted himself to meditating on the glory of his Savior—glory which he had beheld by faith all his life, but which he now hoped to soon behold by sight. The result is some of the sweetest and most delightful reflections on the beauty of Jesus in the history of Christian literature. It makes a perfect gift for the Christmas season, when we meditate on the miracle of the incarnation and the saving mission of our Redeemer and King." Purchase Now >

— Mike Riccardi, Assistant Professor of Theology


God vs. Government

God vs. Government by Nathan Busenitz and James Coates

"The Covid-19 pandemic was a sobering reminder of the imminency of Christian persecution in America. Bedrock, constitutional principles like the freedom of religion were tested by our state and national leadership. This book helps believers think through the convictions that should guide our response when government encroaches upon the dealings of the church. This book highlights how, and why, two churches navigated government overreach." Purchase Now >

— Ben Trowbridge, Director of Staff and Student Services


Living Life BackwardLiving Life Backward by David Gibson

"Written from a pastor’s heart, Living Life Backward examines the indispensable message of Ecclesiastes. It’s an expositional masterpiece. Outside of the Bible, no book has encouraged my heart more." Purchase Now >

— Taylor Berghuis, Chief Enrollment Management Officer



New Treasury of Scripture KnowledgeThe New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Edited by Jerome H. Smith

"I like to give this book to Christians because it helps them to study the Bible's themes in flow and in depth. This book leads the believer who uses it diligently to see the theology of the Bible arising from the connections of its words and concepts and the sequence of its chapters and verses. It confirms this developing knowledge of the theology of the Bible by also pointing to passages in which the specific concepts appear. As Dr. MacArthur says in his "Foreword," this book 'offers a life-changing gift for the church to continue learning how to interpret and understand Scripture with Scripture' (p. 8)." Purchase Now >

— James Mook, Professor of Theology



PTL: The Rise and Fall of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's Evangelical Empire by John Wigger

"Extremely well-told. Tragically hilarious. PTL is also a much-needed warning to any minister who might be tempted by the allure of fame and power. " Purchase Now >

— Corey Williams, Chief of Communications



Theoretical Practical Theology v. 4Theoretical Practical Theology, Volume 4: Redemption in Christ by Petrus Van Mastricht

"There's nothing more soul-nourishing than reading deep, precise, and profound doctrine concerning the Lord, our Savior. Petrus van Mastricht's fourfold approach (exegetical, dogmatic, elenctic, and practical) yields untold riches to whomever reads it. Eminently practical and accessible, it's a volume every Christian should read." Purchase Now >

— Peter Sammons, Assistant Professor of Theology


The Trinity: An IntroductionThe Trinity: An Introduction by Scott Swain

"There is no more important object of study than God, and there is no more fundamental truth about God than His triunity. Sadly, while many are willing to confess, 'One God, three persons,' few apply themselves to understand the fullness of the truths that undergird that mystery. Scott Swain's short introduction is a wonderful overview of Christianity's most foundational doctrine. It's clear and concise, but at the same time maintains clarity and faithfulness to Scripture and historic orthodoxy. It makes a wonderful gift for those wanting to set their minds on things above this Christmas season.Purchase Now >

— Mike Riccardi, Assistant Professor of Theology