For many years, Dr. Greg Harris faithfully invested his life at The Master’s Seminary, training future pastors for pulpit ministry. Students were profoundly blessed by the courses he taught, focusing on the exposition of the biblical text. Though now retired, his writing ministry has continued.

Earlier this year, Dr. Harris published The Bible Expositor’s Handbook: Old & New Testaments through B&H Academic. Combining his previous work on the Old and New Testaments into a single volume, The Bible Expositor’s Handbook is uniquely designed to equip both pastors and laypeople as they seek to know God’s Word with greater clarity and depth. For any believer desiring to understand better how each part of Scripture fits into the bigger storyline of the Bible, Dr. Harris’s work provides a welcome resource.

The Bible Expositor’s Handbook is unique for several reasons. First, it uses the Bible to interpret the Bible. Rather than relying on external sources to understand God’s Word, this Handbook shows readers how to interpret Scripture by letting the Bible explain itself. Second, it addresses important theological issues within the framework of the overall storyline of the Old and New Testaments. Third, the content is easily accessible to everyday believers, while also addressing doctrinal topics of interest to pastors and theological scholars. Notably, the royalties go to The Master’s Academy International to support vital ministry efforts around the world.

Dr. Bill Barrick, emeritus Professor of Old Testament, offered a glowing review of Dr. Harris’s work in The Master’s Seminary Journal. Speaking specifically of Dr. Harris’s work on the New Testament, Dr. Barrick explained:

The Bible Expositor’s Handbook: New Testament takes the reader on a tour of the New Testament with Greg Harris as guide extraordinaire. Each step along the way, our guide directs our attention to the most significant theological themes and provides sound commentary to resolve interpretive issues. He also points out the hazards that can be encountered on our journey through the New Testament text—the exegetical pitfalls to avoid. When combined with the Old Testament volume of this Handbook, the student of Scripture possesses the best expositor’s theological guidebook available today.

Those interested in this valuable resource can learn more here.

Anyone familiar with Dr. Harris’s writing ministry will recognize the titles that comprise his Glory books series. These include The Cup and the Glory, The Darkness and the Glory, The Stone and the Glory, and The Face and the Glory. We are pleased to announce that another book in this series is currently in process: The King and His Glory: From His Return to Earth All the Way into the Eternal State. To watch for updates on this next volume, or to learn more about these other resources from Dr. Harris, be sure to visit his website at:

On behalf of the faculty and staff at The Master’s Seminary, we want to express our gratitude to Dr. Harris for his faithful ministry over the years, both in the classroom and on the printed page. His commitment to serve seminary students and the broader church stands as a testimony to his lifelong desire to please the Lord. The legacy left by Dr. Harris is part of the rich heritage we enjoy at TMS, and we are grateful. To God be the glory.