As 2020 comes to a close, we want to pause and remember some of the excellent articles written this past year. The writers for the TMS blog have sought to speak biblically into an uncertain and unprecedented year. They have shepherded readers through stay-at-home orders, personal Bible study, and the boundaries of evangelicalism, to name just several of their topics.

The goal of the TMS blog is that readers would learn to weave theology into their daily lives, and few years have demanded this intersection more than 2020. Thank you for your readership, and for being part of the TMS family. 

"to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen."

(Eph 3:21)


Evangelical_TMSBanner_2560x14321. Is the Evangelical Movement Really "Evangelical"?

by John MacArthur

The term evangelical has come to mean anything and everything. And that’s why, as it is used today, the word hardly means anything at all. Is evangelicalism even “evangelical” anymore?

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Worldly Sorrow-12. How Do I Know if I Have Godly Sorrow or Worldly Sorrow?

by Mike Riccardi

It's the difference between Judas and Peter, and initially, it can be nearly impossible to distinguish between the two.

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blue home3. 3 Commitments for Stay-at-Home Church Members

by Isaías Muñoz

There is no replacement for the blessed refreshment of corporate fellowship. But here are three commitments to encourage those who find themselves as home-bound members.

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Sunset4. What the Book of Daniel Teaches Us About Living in Uncertain Times

by Patrick Slyman

Teach me humbly to receive the sun and rain of Your sovereignty. Each strand of sorrow has a place within this tapestry of grace; so through the trials I choose to say: ‘Your perfect will in your perfect way.’ (Keith and Kristyn Getty)

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Holy Spirit5. What is the Holy Spirit's Role in Bible Study?

by Brad Klassen

The role of the Holy Spirit is to develop a clearer understanding of, a stronger certainty in, a deeper love for, and a greater obedience to the once-for-all meaning of the biblical text.

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Lawson 26. 20 Tips on Improving Your Preaching

by Steven J. Lawson

There is more to preaching than eye contact, hand motions, and freedom from manuscript. The following are the twenty things I would tell the man who wants to improve his preaching.

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Preparation 7. Learning to Explain the Word of God

by Jerod Gilcher

Here are 7 steps to follow as you prepare for the next Bible study or sermon to ensure you are handling the Word faithfully.

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Where to Begin-18. Practical Bible Study: Where to Begin

by Brad Klassen

Bible study must begin by immersing yourself into the world and text of the biblical author.

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LA9. Fasting Was Made For Days Like These

by James Street

In this time, the believer's heart longing is 'Come, Lord Jesus.' This longing should lead us to fast.

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Scripture-110. Practical Bible Study: Getting into Details

by Brad Klassen

When you read Scripture, you need to see more than just words on the page. You need to gain the art of awareness.

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